Search and rescue Technicians and The PARA RESCUE ASSOCIATION OF CANADA
The Search and Rescue Technician (SAR TECH) is part of a group of elite, highly trained rescue specialists who provide on-scene medical aid and extraction from some of the harshest and most remote areas of Canada. They are military aircrew who deploy from rotary or fixed wing aircraft in any environment or climactic condition. They will locate and penetrate the site, treat and evacuate casualties. SAR operations may require parachuting, mountaineering, hiking, swimming, scuba diving, sometimes in adverse conditions.

SAR TECHs generally work in teams of two and operate under all Canadian climatic (high altitude and arctic) and terrain (land, sea and air) conditions. On any given day, the SAR TECHs could find themselves 200 miles out to sea, hoisting a casualty off a sailboat, parachuting at night into the high arctic to save a stranded Inuit; underwater, rescuing a fisherman in an overturned fishing boat; clinging perilously close to the edge of a glacial crevasse, or coordinating a mountain rescue of a fallen climber.

Jason Price wrote and sings this song as a tribute to the SAR Community which he shares a long family history being a son to a SAR Pilot.  His father is Colonel Randy Price, was a SAR pilot and flew Labs, Buffalos, and Hercs from late 70’s to 90’s where he held positions in Comox, Trenton, Gander, Winnipeg, Summerside, and Greenwood.  He filled position as a pilot, a CO in Greenwood and Wing Commander in Comox.  Jason hopes is to professionally record this song so look for it in the future to download or purchase.